Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

I present to you a

anytime you change you can only make promises and promises that he would not forget so quickly .. I knew I was not the one who can make you completely happy, I know you're hiding something that does not want me to know and unfortunately I already know it all but why can not I tell you these things because I was too afraid to tell you this is the weakness I just bury my curiosity was alone ...

why do not you be honest about everything?

What are you too afraid to tell me?


I am your little friend I know all your behavior when you're little until you like it's all change in a very different and very quickly I'm sorry if you compare the period of childhood and now you are always missing some where and you have to look for something that changes you want to!you look at everybody if you did not like other people say about you! remember that! must! I write all this because I too love and care about you but do not "GR" hahaha I want us to remain as always there when you were once happy to sad and everything I want it all, although not every day but I want it: D you ever tell you that I was there when you need I'm so glad you said so;)Do not run away from problems you are facing all of you must accept the risk of error if you have trouble you I'm always there for you more..
the more you avoid the problems that you make or whatever you are feeling increasingly burdened too ..
actually there are still many who want me to tell you but first got here I talked about this all of you might not be enough to wake you, but this only I could do :/

* I hope you read it and you realize, amen : '(

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