Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

la Jolie shoes Photo Contest

Want to get free SHOES? Enter La Jolie Photography Contest “LA JOLIE AND YOU” now! Open for our customers only. Join now and win La Jolie's FABULOUS Shoes' Collection!
Prizes : vouchers (*) to buy La Jolie Shoes (value in Rp)
1st : 300.000
2nd : 200.000
3rd : 100.000
4th : 75.000
5th : 50.000

How to join? It's so easy!
Take a picture of yourself with one pair of shoes you bought from La Jolie. You may enter max, three photographs only, no bigger than 3Mb each. The photo must be a picture of you and La Jolie shoes, free style, you don't have to show your face but a close-up of your face and body would be preferable. Winners are judged based on the Sense of Fashion and Creativity of your photo with La Jolie Shoes.
The 5 winning photographs selected by judges will appear in our profile in Facebook.
All, winners will be advised by mail about Photo Award result.

Photos can only be submitted online using the following e-mail address: lajolie_shoes@yahoo.com
The object of your email must be as follow : LA JOLIE PHOTO CONTEST_ANISA SUWANDI
You must mention the following information in your email:
General information : Your name / age / adress / phone no
La Jolie and You : How do you know us ? / Where you bought La Jolie Shoes ? / What you like about La Jolie ?
Eligibility : Open only to our customers who have bought shoes from La Jolie.
Copyright: You retain your rights to your photo, however, by entering the contest, you grant us the right to publish your submitted photo in print or electronic form, for advertising and promotion of the competition.

Senin, 16 Mei 2011

today, 6months w/ you

I've been told about my vacation that is fun and now I want to tell you about today! now on16 and today I'm 6 months with my boyfriend
time is so fast and do not feel I've come this far with you! I want you the last time and Ihope we can be together forever

this shirt ball to him, he made special with number "sixteen"

until end? i hope so :')

guess who's on this picture??
yuuppp!! this image when my boyfriend was a baby how cute his is hahahah :D

i also wanted to say thank you to many friends who today say "happy anivversary" to me & him 
thank you so much guys :D

ocean park

okay this my holiday again with my friends, this time I swim I went with my friend and my sister-,- I'm swimming in the ocean park I swim at 2 when the weather is very hot but I'm happy to be swimming with friends and my sister :)

me, anne, riri
this time i had finished swimming, feeling very happy

this time i wish to current pool, in the pool i was pulling a float while ugly face LOL!!

me & anne
take pics again hahaha 

me, riri, & my sister-,,-
i wear: T-shirt labeled "i love SG" , hot pants, sandals w/ big bag..

me, anne, and riri again

this time me and anne play flying fox, was riri wont but she scared :P

it was the day a very tiring but I'm happy to be swimming with my friends thank you so much my friends, I don't know if there is no you :D

strawberry cafe

a few days ago I was with my friends went to the strawberry cafe and many exciting events that I do with them: D
if you buy your food and drink there for free play, the game is there! Just imagine I  got there around one but I just got home at half 5 and my face full of powder, there I was withfriends of mine play five different games but unfortunately I forgot the names of the game : but I'm still calm remember the thrill of every game: D

 here's the food we ordered, soo yummy :9 u must try guys!

when we play this game who became queen monkey is elita :D 
she sould become queen monkey because she is the most dropped the monkeys that were hanging from tree

as i wait for the next game i write for fun at the table, hahaha lol!! 

this game is both more powder is sprinkled here!!

i was photogarphed with tower of pisa hahahaha ;)

we managed to finish it, it's good :D 
back: hutami & elita
front: me & haffa

if in this game who collects the most card that she won it, and the winner it's me :D 

this our last game, so we put the ball touching a small ball on a piece of tissue we hate to quickly do it and do not let a tissue tear and small ball falls so that we dropped the loser-,-

after all we finally finished game ,actually, I still want to stay long there but it was afternoon and time to go home, we waited a long time to take a taxi and the street traficjam-, - but I'm happy thank you my friends: D

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

savari park

hello long time no see, I've completed the national exam but graduation announcementlater on 4 June and was still a long time. I here want to write about my vacation!wohooooo! this time I went to this park savari the second time I visit there savari thispark located in the region puncak,mmm maybe, hehe :D

she was my sister name is nikita her from pekanbaru but now she's moved to jakarta!! whoo!!

i wear : T-shirt,hot pants & nike shoes.. so simple right? ;)

me & my little sister her name is michaela 

i don't now why when i saw this picture i could only smile with elephant behavior

now! let's adventure w/ elephant ride

or maybe camel ride? 

my aunt & little sister ;)

after eating we visited the baby zoo but when we were looking at the rain finally arrived with a very swift end we decided to go home and in the car I fell asleep with a deep hahahaha