Senin, 16 Mei 2011

strawberry cafe

a few days ago I was with my friends went to the strawberry cafe and many exciting events that I do with them: D
if you buy your food and drink there for free play, the game is there! Just imagine I  got there around one but I just got home at half 5 and my face full of powder, there I was withfriends of mine play five different games but unfortunately I forgot the names of the game : but I'm still calm remember the thrill of every game: D

 here's the food we ordered, soo yummy :9 u must try guys!

when we play this game who became queen monkey is elita :D 
she sould become queen monkey because she is the most dropped the monkeys that were hanging from tree

as i wait for the next game i write for fun at the table, hahaha lol!! 

this game is both more powder is sprinkled here!!

i was photogarphed with tower of pisa hahahaha ;)

we managed to finish it, it's good :D 
back: hutami & elita
front: me & haffa

if in this game who collects the most card that she won it, and the winner it's me :D 

this our last game, so we put the ball touching a small ball on a piece of tissue we hate to quickly do it and do not let a tissue tear and small ball falls so that we dropped the loser-,-

after all we finally finished game ,actually, I still want to stay long there but it was afternoon and time to go home, we waited a long time to take a taxi and the street traficjam-, - but I'm happy thank you my friends: D

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