Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

savari park

hello long time no see, I've completed the national exam but graduation announcementlater on 4 June and was still a long time. I here want to write about my vacation!wohooooo! this time I went to this park savari the second time I visit there savari thispark located in the region puncak,mmm maybe, hehe :D

she was my sister name is nikita her from pekanbaru but now she's moved to jakarta!! whoo!!

i wear : T-shirt,hot pants & nike shoes.. so simple right? ;)

me & my little sister her name is michaela 

i don't now why when i saw this picture i could only smile with elephant behavior

now! let's adventure w/ elephant ride

or maybe camel ride? 

my aunt & little sister ;)

after eating we visited the baby zoo but when we were looking at the rain finally arrived with a very swift end we decided to go home and in the car I fell asleep with a deep hahahaha

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