Senin, 16 Mei 2011

ocean park

okay this my holiday again with my friends, this time I swim I went with my friend and my sister-,- I'm swimming in the ocean park I swim at 2 when the weather is very hot but I'm happy to be swimming with friends and my sister :)

me, anne, riri
this time i had finished swimming, feeling very happy

this time i wish to current pool, in the pool i was pulling a float while ugly face LOL!!

me & anne
take pics again hahaha 

me, riri, & my sister-,,-
i wear: T-shirt labeled "i love SG" , hot pants, sandals w/ big bag..

me, anne, and riri again

this time me and anne play flying fox, was riri wont but she scared :P

it was the day a very tiring but I'm happy to be swimming with my friends thank you so much my friends, I don't know if there is no you :D

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