Minggu, 11 April 2010

sok bhs.inggriss gitu deh,haha :'(

I'm confused as I was feeling really but that is in my heart this time I STILL LOVE YOU THE SAME and I'm confused why we invented the date was always seen in front of both of the two eyes is why baseball can date others who I see? I'm confused why when I broke up with you all our memories in the brain I and every sleep I always dream about you I want all of baseball this happen! because it just makes me regret having parted with you and it all makes me sick constantly .. I hate all this and why should happen to me? why do not you alone who loves me completely? let you know how it feels to hurt it?have loved you my love will never make me regret sesalku sesalku always if you do not accidentally make you angry because I was acting like a child I just want to apologize to you and you must know one more thing about me feeling that is:I LOVE YOU AND SENSE OF THE SAME FROM THAT NEVER USED TO CHANGE NOW

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